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World At War: Persia Factfile

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Persian Cities
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The Status and level of Defence for each major Persian City

Esfahan: 2 dedicated Anti-Air batteries (each consisting 150 Widower fixed Air defence systems), 10 SAM site batteries (500 S-400's, 250 Praetorian V's), walled city, pillboxes/bunkers,
IMPORTANT TARGETS: Imperial Palace, Imperial Offices of the Shah (Government Houses), Nuclear Power Station.
Tehran: 2 dedicated Anti-Air batteries (each consisting 150 Widowers), 8 SAM site batteries (400 S-400's, 150 Praetorian V's), pillboxes/bunkers.
Birjand: 1 dedicated Anti-Air battery (consisting 200 Widower fixed Defence Systems); 4 SAM site batteries (250 S-400's).
Bandar Abbas: Sea Defences (not deployed yet but deployable - includes floating mines), beach approaches fortified with bunkers and pillboxes, 1 anti-air battery (consisting 250 Widower systems), 2 x SAM sites (250 S-400's), fire ships, Royal Persian Navy base, 3 x 200mm Anti-Ship Howitzers.
Zahedan: 1 Anti-Air battery (consisting 200 Widower systems), 1 x SAM site (150 S-400's), border region entrenched and fortified with pillboxes, Basij divisions here.
Abadan: 1 Anti Air Battery (consisting 250 Widower systems) 1 x SAM site (150 S-400s), entrenched and fortified with pillboxes, Basij divisions.
Tabriz: 1 x SAM site battery (100 S-400 SAMs), 1 x Anti-Air battery, pillboxes.

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